An intuitive cloud-based application integrating accounting and currency data in one spot that simplify managing the budget rate, monitor the profitability of foreign transactions (the whole contracts and individual invoices) and analyse the currency market. As a result, you:

  1. simplify the area of currency management in your business,
  2. facilitate the planning of the following months based on the profitability of foreign transactions,
  3. allows quickly estimate the currency needs and risks.


We create dedicated solutions based on MS Excel using VBA and SQL. Easy to integrate with you accounting program. Contact us and we advise and create the tool you need.


  • If you keep all your financial data on your own hardware – that might be your first choice,
  • We add more advanced algorithms for your company liquidity predictions,
  • Unusual processes related to payment of the company.


We prepare dedicated solutions directed to international capital groups that implement multilateral flows and settle locally in other currencies. We analyze the entire process, from the moment the currency position is created to its closure.

We prepare a tailor-made system for monitoring the current currency position, estimating future currency needs, analyzing the profitability of purchases and sales on a particular portfolio and a counterparty in relation to the exchange rate.

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Based on our clients success story:

Our client rents hundreds of offices around Warsaw. In fact, their tenants pay them invoices in zloty although the final amount depends on the exchange rate EUR/PLN. It happens because our client buys each single property in EUR (they have debt in other currency). Different payment dates of two parties (several hundred customers) cause chaos in calculating the profitability of individual sales. We solved this problem by creating a dedicated tool. We invite you to contact us.

Radosław Wierzbicki
Founder & CEO
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Grzegorz Andruszkiewicz
Co-Founder & COO
E-mail: g.andruszkiewicz@fxmanago.com
Mobile: 0048 537 546 774

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